MyVillage enables entrepreneurs, investors, corporates and public sector partners to connect, collaborate and access various needed services regardless of their physical location or role in the ecosystem.

Our platform encompasses services such as networking within the business ecosystem, access to investment, professional mentorship, entrepreneurial support to kickstart projects, access to a well trained pool of talent, and a product catalog which feeds into a marketplace.

It focuses on 3 major C’s to achieve its impact.

Communication I Connection I Collaboration

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Still Blossoming is a Collection of Poems about wellbeing and finding oneself through the maze of life experiences.

Michelle's Profile

Michelle is a shy child stuck in the shell of an adult. She is mostly incomprehensible and seems to enjoy it. Her favorite beings are strangers who she sees as unexplored realms. If you ask her who the greatest love of her life is, she will definitely say herself.

When she is not infiltrating a new soul, you will find her talking to herself. In short, she is she.

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