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Our platform encompasses services such as networking within the business ecosystem, access to investment, professional mentorship, entrepreneurial support to kickstart projects, access to a well trained pool of talent, and a product catalog which feeds into a marketplace.

It focuses on 3 major C’s to achieve its impact.

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This year to commemorate Uganda at 60 years of independence, the Innovation Village will launch the IPledge campaign under the theme "What have you done for your country today?" In the same spirit, the establishment will unveil an Independence Day mural in celebration of the creative sector under the MOTIV community to commemorate the creative economy journey since attaining independence.

The IPledge campaign is an initiative of the Innovation Village inspiring a movement of stakeholders and individuals of all age groups to use their passion for Uganda to make pledges towards achieving a justifiable future for all while holding ourselves accountable to our aspirations and using them to transform the country.

For the past 5 years, the Innovation village has worked closely with different stakeholders to create a viable ecosystem for young entrepreneurs including building a community and creating platforms to facilitate scalability.

As a key stakeholder passionate about Uganda's future, growth and economic transformation, this is to invite you to attend the "IPLEDGE UGANDA AT 60" CAMPAIGN LAUNCH AND UNVEILING OF THE INDEPENDENCE DAY MURAL.

The event will be held on November 4th, 3:00Pm- 6:00Pm at MOTIV, Old port bell road under the theme "Unveiling entrepreneurs and their connection to Uganda's growth and prosperity". The event will feature an art exhibition, musical performances and a market for artisans.

Additionally, we invite you to make a pledge through video to supplement the campaign. The video will be shot at your convenience and shared across our social media platforms to supplement the event. We believe this will inspire many more to join the movement, make their pledges which will be reviewed annually.

We hope to inspire the ecosystem and entrepreneurs to be the leaders of the change they want to see.

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