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This year to commemorate Uganda at 60 years of independence, the Innovation Village is launching the IPledge campaign under the theme "What have you done for your country today?" In the same spirit, the establishment will unveil an Independence Day mural in celebration of the creative sector under the MOTIV community to commemorate the creative economy journey since attaining independence.

The IPledge campaign is an initiative of the Innovation Village inspiring a movement of stakeholders and individuals of all age groups to use their passion for Uganda to make pledges towards achieving a justifiable future for all while holding ourselves accountable to our aspirations and using them to transform the country.


    Industry Players making pledges

    Selestino Babungi (Managing Director of UMEME)

    Selestino Babungi

    Managing Director of UMEME

    Ragga Dee (Chairman at National Culture Forum)

    Ragga Dee

    Chairman at National Culture Forum

    CK Japheth (Team Lead at Innovation Village)

    CK Japheth

    Team Lead at Innovation Village

    JK KAZOORA (Moderator)



    Robert Kabushenga (Founder of Rugyeyo Farms)

    Robert Kabushenga

    Founder of Rugyeyo Farms

    Gibby Kalule (Founder of GK Sport Agency/Foundation)

    Gibby Kalule

    Founder of GK Sport Agency/Foundation

    Ron Kawamara (CEO of Jumia Uganda)

    Ron Kawamara

    CEO of Jumia Uganda

    Gen, Ivan Koreta (Ugandan military officer, diplomat and legislator at UPDF)

    Gen, Ivan Koreta

    Ugandan military officer, diplomat and legislator at UPDF

    Hon. Dr. Miria Matembe (Founder of ACFODE)

    Hon. Dr. Miria Matembe

    Founder of ACFODE

    Maurice Mugisha (Managing Director of UBC. TV)

    Maurice Mugisha

    Managing Director of UBC. TV

    Rapa Ricky (Co-Founder of SafeBoda)

    Rapa Ricky

    Co-Founder of SafeBoda

    PR. Martin Sempa (Activist)

    PR. Martin Sempa


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    KAMPALA, Uganda

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