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Our platform encompasses services such as networking within the business ecosystem, access to investment, professional mentorship, entrepreneurial support to kickstart projects, access to a well trained pool of talent, and a product catalog which feeds into a marketplace.

It focuses on 3 major C’s to achieve its impact.

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Women face substantial gaps both in accessing services and in leveraging them to expand economic opportunities. These barriers are not only deterrents to expanding women's opportunities but also to building strong and inclusive economies following the COVID-19 pandemic.

For women —who are 26 percent less likely than men to be in the labor force and three times less likely to own a business4—HerMotiv represents an opportunity to close longstanding gaps in access to jobs, assets, and markets, enabling male-dominated workplaces and finding new ways to work and remain sustainable entrepreneurs.

To address these challenges and to explore how to best to leverage communities especially in the creative sector on gender equality, MOTIV with a team of creatives under the MOTIV community came up with an initiative that brings together female creatives to boost opportunities for women in emerging markets.

MOTIV recognizes the importance of gender inclusive considerations in the private sector development and in closing gaps in the creative sector. MOTIV with the support of the Mastercard Foundation under the young Africa works program supports initiatives that boost women's ability to play a more active role in the digital/creative age through research on women's participation in the creative economy, skilling and mentorship that leads to contribution to the global economy; informing policy approaches with member states under the TIV Legal Tech Lab and collaborating with partners to close the gender divide in the digital and creative sectors.

About HerMotiv

HerMotiv is an inclusive community of female creatives under MoTIV dedicated to equipping and financing women led enterprises to enable them scale, access new markets and growth opportunities.

The philosophy behind Her MOTIV is to build the next generation of creative women leaders by creating a platform for them to think critically about themselves, their identity and their business goals. We work with young women to encourage their ambition and empower their confidence, but most of all, to create sustainable impact.

Main Objective

The HerMotiv platform will address issues affecting women in the creative industry, build a community and explore the opportuntities to increase women's economic opportunities.

Objectives/ Pillars

· Creating inclusive employment among women

· Supporting women creatives community and build an ecosystem that supports their aspirations

· Address the covid-19 pandemic challenges and recovery among female creative entrepreneurs

· To grow a community of young female creative business leaders who seek and value community action and involvement

· To enable young women to increasingly recognize their self-worth and potential

· To provide avenues for young women to increase their self-esteem and decision-making abilities

· To develop a platform for women to envision themselves as creative business leaders now and in the future

Building an inclusive platform

With the HerMotiv initiative, MOTIV will expand opportunities for women by making measurable, time-bound, and new commitments specific to gender-based goals. They also will participate in knowledge exchange sessions about implementing gender innovations and conduct research, activities and events that help put commitments into action. They will receive support in market access, funding, mentorship and venture building.

The Launch

18th November 2022

Venue: MOTIV

Time: 2:00Pm -6:00Pm

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